Learn to Love Again

Learning to Love Again is a testament to my life of searching and discovering spiritual and emotional tools to heal
from the pain and trauma of heartbreak and heartache. Every chapter was inspired by authentic experiences that
spurred me to write and share with others what I was learning. If you earnestly apply the principles in this book, you
will witness a change within yourself that allows you to take whatever hardships you have experienced in relationships
and learn to love again in a way that is fulfilling and unconditional.

Learning To Love Again



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About the Author

Are you stuck on a relationship treadmill? Numb to real emotion? Burned by misplacing your trust? Atlanta-based writer and entrepreneur Jameel Muhammad, after years of counseling his community of readers on affairs of the heart, now compiles his lessons of love, redemption, and spirituality for a wider audience..

A true practitioner of the maxim “healer, heal thyself,” Jameel was inspired to help others learn to love again after he overcame the wounds of a painful divorce by applying the principles of this book. Along his journey of self-discovery, he discovered he could help others navigate the same relationship pitfalls he stumbled into.

A common man with a common-sense approach to life and healing, Jameel offers those who have gotten lost along the journey of relationships an easy-to-follow road map back to serenity and love.

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